Wool generally looses 45-55% of its weight during processing. The product weights are listed in FINISHED weight so double the finished weight to get the approximate raw weight.

You can use the conversion chart below as an example
​Approx. Finished Sizes & Weight of Raw Wool:
Cradle (36x45) - 1/2 lb finished need 1 lb raw
Crib (45x54) -       1 lb finished  needs 2 lbs raw
 (45x72) -    1 1/2 lbs finished needs 3 lbs raw
Bunk (60x90) - 2 1/2 lb finished needs 5 lb raw
Twin (72x90) - 3 lb finished needs 6 lbs raw
Double (81x90) - 3 1/2 lbs finished needs  7 lb raw
Queen (90x90) - 4 lbs finished needs 8 lbs raw
King (108x90) - 5 lbs finished needs 10 lb raw

What to consider when purchasing fabric

  • Fiber Content: We recommend cottons or high cotton blends. If using sheets, purchase flat sheets in the size comforter desired. Fitted sheets will not work.
    • Yardage: Our amounts are based on 45" width fabrics. We have listed amounts for one side only. Most people choose one pattern for the front and one for the back. All of our comforters are sized to be used with a dust ruffle or on a platform bed.
      Cradle 1 yard each side   
       1 3/4 yards each side                  
       2 1/4 yards each side 
      Twin 5 1/4 yards each side
      Bunk 5 1/4 yards each side    
      Double 5 1/4 yards each side
      Queen 8 yards each side
      King 8 yards each side

      Exception: If pattern has a repeat design, you should purchase enough fabric to allow for matching the pattern at the seam lines.