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Today marks one year of our Frankenmuth Woolen Mill Facebook page. The past 365 days have been a whirlwind here at our historic mill. Our Facebook page launch coincided with the roll-out of our rebranded website, They have both been huge successes to say the least.

Our online sales increased over 250% with our new website. We shipped wool bedding to every single state in our great country and helped thousands of folks get a better night’s sleep. The response has been humbling and we appreciate each and every order.

We added our 5,000th Facebook follow on March 10th which just happened to be our 364th day on Facebook.  This social media milestone confirms that our company has the support of people across the country and that they support American made products as well as American jobs.

In 1894 our company’s founder, Franz Ranke, surely couldn’t imagine the computer or internet let alone social media. We like to think, that if he were able, he would have been one of our Facebook likes and would have loved to see how far his woolen mill and the country have come in 125 years.

5,000 is a big number. At first glance it simply represents the first 5,000 people who supported our social media efforts but a second look shows it stands for much more.

 It represents hundreds of employees who toiled to not only provide for their families but to also provide quality products for other families. It exhibits the confidence of four different sets of owners who believed in a commitment to not only community but country. Finally and most importantly it represents the people who have kept the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill in business for over 125 years, our customers.

We hope you continue to follow our page and invite friends to do the same as we embark on our next 125 years.

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