Sleep Benefits

  • Regulates Temperature: Wool bedding naturally regulates body temperature and improves circulation by helping you reach an ideal sleeping temperature more quickly and staying there longer. Other fibers, such as synthetics or down, can trap body heat in your bed. Wool buffers the outside temperatures to ensure the perfect sleep environment. This makes wool great for comforters and mattress pads.
  • Odor Resistant: Wool is naturally odor resistant due to its natural fiber properties. Wool blankets and bedding wick moisture away so it can never build up the bacteria that causes odor in the first place.
  • Lightweight: The tiny air pockets in wool trap your body temperature for a healthier night of sleep without being bulky. Wool is naturally lightweight and will keep you warm in winter yet cool in summer.

Health Benefits

  • Hypo-allergenic: Those with allergies can find sleeping under wool blankets provides a better night’s sleep. Mildew, mold, dust mites, and other pesky allergens need a warm and moist environment to propagate. Wool's natural resistance to mildew and molds comes from the way it repels moisture and allows moisture to pass through its fiber without trapping it.
  • Naturally Repels Dust Mites: We recommend those with dust mite allergies to sleep under a wool blanket because of the naturally dry environment wool creates. This environment repels and eliminates dust mites and their droppings, thus creating a healthier sleep environment. Studies have found that up to 1/3 of a non-wool pillow weight can be attributed to dust mites and their droppings. 
  • Chemical Free: During the washing process, many other wool processors strip the wool of its lanolin using a method called "carbonizing." Carbonizing is a chemical bath using hydrochloric acid, along with other chemicals, to clean the wool, which isn't necessary. At the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill, we use 170-degree water and a bio-degradable soap. We swish the wool around with a pitchfork to loosen dirt and oil. It's then air-dried and made into fluffy batting on our 100-year-old equipment. We use no chemicals or oils in our processing. We use good, old-fashioned steam! We believe this to be the purest wool batting available.
  • Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia: Sleep is the time for your body to refresh, rejuvenate, and restore. Proper sleep rests the joints so that pain and swelling can be reduced. If people suffering from chronic pain are looking for relief, wool bedding is the answer. The air pockets trap the body's heat and eliminate hot and cold spots, ensuring a restful night of sleep. In 2009, a study done by the National Institute of Health clearly showed that sleeping on and with wool bedding helps reduce pain significantly and provides a more restful sleep.


    We purchase our wool from certified Climate Beneficial ranchers. We guarantee that the flock that provided the wool for your wool blanket or comforter is likely still grazing happily today – they’ll possibly even be around to provide the fleece for your next wool bedding purchase years down the road. Climate Beneficial ranchers, like those that work with Fibershed, take pride in providing quality wool and respect for the land. Through them, we have a source of wool that is not only sustainable but, more importantly to us, responsible.

    Wool vs. The Competition

    FWM Wool Down Down Alternative Silk
    Breathes Naturally
    Wicks Away Moisture
    100% Natural*
    Clump Free
    Regulates Body Temperature
    100% Chemical Free*

    * Not necessarily the case with all wool but guaranteed with Frankenmuth Woolen Mill Wool