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Our wool dryer balls are 100% all-natural and made at the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill. Just pop three wool balls in the dryer along with your wet clothes, and they’ll get to work softening, preventing static, and keeping your laundry from clumping together. Each dryer ball is reusable up to 1,000 times. Our dryer balls are made with natural wool roving; no chemicals are used during the process.

Due to their absorbency, the dryer balls absorb humidity throughout the dry cycle from the wet items and release it at the end to reduce static electricity. This also helps prevent wrinkles and increases the fluff of your clothes and towels. Pet owners love that wool dryer balls repel pet hair, too. They are the perfect chemical-free replacement for dryer sheets.

Each box includes 3 wool dryer balls. It’s recommended to use all 3 dryer balls together in the dryer for the best results.

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Material & Origin
  • Climate Beneficial Wool Filling
  • Certified Organic Cotton Fabric Cover

Made in the U.S.A. in Frankenmuth, Michigan

Care Instructions

Hand wash: Lukewarm water & mild detergent.
Dry: LINE DRY ONLY. Do not agitate
For best results or professional laundering return to the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill

Shipping & Returns

Free ground shipping! (contiguous USA only)

Please call 888.497.4534 for shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.

We accept unused and still in the original packaging bedding for 7 days from receipt of the shipment.

The Benefits of Wool

Efficient & Time-Saving

Wool dryer balls help to reduce drying time by absorbing moisture and enhancing air circulation. This can result in shorter drying cycles, saving both time and energy.

Eco-Friendly & Chemical-Free

Our wool dryer balls offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional dryer sheets and fabric softeners. They are made from natural wool, free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Softens & Fluffs Fabrics

The gentle rolling action of wool dryer balls helps to soften fabrics naturally, reducing static cling and wrinkles. With softer and fluffier laundry, you can enjoy the comfort and freshness of your clothes, towels, and linens.

Wool Sourcing

Our commitment to quality and great sleep starts with the wool. We searched the country to find ranchers who not only treat their sheep humanely but also share in our passion for providing materials and products that are made in the USA.

Natural Processing

Just like every piece of our natural wool bedding, these dryer balls start as freshly shorn fleece that is then washed in 180-degree water in biodegradable soap. Once the wool is clean and dry, it is processed into roving. Roving is a long thin tube of wool that is hand-wound and felted into wonderful, all-natural laundry aids that replace chemical-laden dryer sheets. Pop three dryer balls in your dryer for wrinkle-free, static-free laundry and faster drying time, all without chemicals.

After the wool is processed it's taken to our finishing area where certified organic cotton fabric and wool is stretched over wooden frames and tied in the old European fashion ~ being tied by hand. Tying holds the wool in place and keep the wool secure so the wool doesn't move around inside. After the Wool Filled Comforter is tied, the edges sewn and it's ready for sale.