The Frankenmuth Woolen Mill in 1894

Sustainable, organic wool bedding since 1894.

Our Promise: At the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill, we've focused our efforts on a straightforward goal: Your best sleep. Enjoyed naturally.

Our Values

Creating the best wool bedding requires a constant pursuit of quality, comfort, sustainability, and durability. We strive for perfection at every step and never settle for anything less. Our products are soft and environmentally friendly, providing more than just comfort.

Better Sleep

We have been perfecting our craft at the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill since 1894. For over a century, we have been committed to producing high-quality wool bedding. We have not ventured into the realm of the latest sleep trends or bedding fashions because our timeless and traditional products are already the best.

With our comfortable and healthy wool-filled pillows, natural wool comforters, wool mattress toppers, and wool bedding sets, every one of those 129 years of creating wool bedding has been focused on creating the perfect night of sleep for you.

Purposeful Products

Frankenmuth Woolen Mill is dedicated to helping our customers achieve a better sleep experience. We know good sleep is vital for health and well-being. Our mission is to create products that promote restful, relaxing sleep. Our wool bedding products offer air flow, temperature control, and other natural properties that promote a comfortable and relaxing sleep environment.

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All Natural

We're proud of our wool processing techniques, honed over the years of creating top-quality products. Our wool is ethically sourced, free of harsh chemicals, and retains its natural properties.

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From Sheep to Great Sleep


In 1894, the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill was founded to create warm wool bedding (originally a necessity for Midwestern families enduring harsh winters) out of the wool from local farm flocks. The Mill's mission has evolved over the past century.


Our mill has a rich history. The mill stands firmly on its original foundation, and its walls have seen it all - two World Wars, twenty-two U.S. Presidents, and countless changes in the American way of life. If only they could talk, they would have endless stories to tell about our business's resilience and determination.


Today, Abby and Matt Curtis are proud to be only the fourth owners of this historic Woolen Mill. Along with their staff, they look forward to the second century of providing the best all-natural wool bedding for you and your family. Rest assured that 129 years of excellence goes into our wool bedding, which in turn gives you a great night's rest.