Happy sheep

Happy Sheep = Happy Sleep

The Frankenmuth Woolen Mill is committed to bringing you the best night's sleep by making the best wool comforters and bedding. During our journey to make our product better we saw a chance to make our country and planet better too.

By purchasing our wool from certified Climate Beneficial ranchers through our friends at www.fibershed.com, we not only support American ranchers but also help the planet by buying wool from farms that have a negative carbon footprint.

In addition, the sheep that grow our wool are treated in a humane fashion. After they are shorn, they go back to graze and frolic with their flock only to return to the "barber" when their fleece is ready to be shorn again.

Sometimes one little change in your business can create a big change in your world.

Happy Sheep Grazing

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Are you Ready for a Long Winter's Nap?

Are you Ready for a Long Winter's Nap?

’Tis nearly Christmas. Are you ready for a long winter’s nap?

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, too many of us aren’t. They estimate that 30 to 35% of adults suffer from brief symptoms of insomnia, 15-20% experience short term insomnia disorder 

Visions of Sugar Plums Since 1894

Visions of Sugar Plums Since 1894

We are humbled and honored that so many families choose our bedding to give the gift of great sleep.  These “presents” of wooly goodness got us thinking about how Christmas gifts and traditions have changed since our mill first opened in 1894.

Christmas became a federal holiday in the United States a mere 24 years before the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill opened its doors.

Thank the King for Turkey rather than Lamb Chops for Dinner

Thank the King for Turkey rather than Lamb Chops for Dinner

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We can’t help it. Great sleep is our business.