Purchasing Online

How do I place an order?

Depending on availability and shipping address, purchases may be made through wool-bedding.com or via email at matt@wool-bedding.com. Please note we are available Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM (EST)

Can I cancel or modify my order?

If you wish to cancel or modify your order, please email matt@wool-bedding.com as soon as possible. We will make every effort to accommodate your request. However, once an order has been submitted, we cannot.

Wool Sourcing

Where is your wool from?

We buy our wool from certified Climate Beneficial ranches in California.

Are the Sheep Killed?

No. After they are shorn, they go back to graze and frolic with their flock only to return to the "barber" when their fleece is ready to be shorn again.

What type of wool is used At Frankenmuth Woolen Mill?

Certified Climate Beneficial Wool.

Why is wool so special?

Wool is the most complex and versatile of all textile fibers. It is naturally flame resistant and regulates your body temperature to keep you comfortable in almost any climate.

Where does your wool come from?

Ranches in California.

Are the sheep raised humanely?

Yes. They are well cared for, which allows for a long life which in turn means more wool for the ranchers to clip and sell.


Are there chemicals in any of your products?


Does the fabric have any type of sizing or chemical finish on it?

No. Our fabric is 100% Certified All Natural Unbleached cotton percale.

Is your wool carbonized, chlorinated, or bleached?

No. Our wool is cleaned and processed with no chemicals.

Do your raw materials have certifications?

Our cotton is certified organic and our wool is certified Climate Beneficial.


What about dust mites?

Wool naturally repels dust mites.

I may have a wool allergy, is your wool different in any way?

Most medical experts say that true wool allergies are rare and in most cases people actually react to the lanolin found in wool.

We take great care to remove as much if not all lanolin out in our washing process. In addition our bedding is covered in organic cotton muslin which keeps you from lying directly on the wool.

I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities; what precautions do you take to ensure the products are pure and chemical-free?

We use no chemicals in the washing, processing and preparing of the wool in our bedding.

Does the fabric have any type of chemical finish on it?

No. Our fabric is 100% Certified Organic unbleached cotton percale.

Product Information

What size comforter do I need?

We offer Twin, Full/Double, Queen, King and Oversized King sizes that fit the traditional size of beds sold in the US.


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit and debit cards as well as shopPay, PayPal, GPay MetaPay, Venmo and Afterpay.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your card will be charged within 24 hours of your order.

Shipping & Delivery

Which shipping options are available and what are the shipping fees?

We ship free standard ground to the continental United States through the United States Postal Service and UPS ground. If you would like express shipping or shipping to Alaska or Hawaii please contact us matt@wool-bedding.com or by calling 888.497.4534.

Can I ship internationally?

At this time we only ship to verified addresses in the Continental United States. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, please call us at 888.497.4534.

Is a signature required upon delivery of my order?

No but you are responsible for the shipment once it is delivered.

How can I track my order?

We will provide you a tracking number as soon as we prepare your order for shipment. Normally within one business day.

How do I ship to a military address?
  • The recipients name must be entered into the Name fields, but their rank is optional.
  • The PSC and BOX numbers for AP addresses, or the UNIT and BOX numbers for FPO and DPO addresses, must both be in the Address field.
  • The City field must contain only APO, FPO, or DPO. Don't enter the name of the city.
  • United States must be selected in the Country/Region field.
  • Armed Forces AmericasArmed Forces Europe, or Armed Forces Pacific must be selected in the State field. These location might be entered in abbreviated form by your customer as Armed Forces America (AA), Armed Forces Europe (AE), or Armed Forces Pacific (AP).


What is your return policy?

Due to the hypoallergenic nature of the product and bedding law regulations, bedding can not be used or laundered and qualify for return. We will accept unused and still in the original packaging bedding for 7 days from receipt of the shipment. The buyer is responsible for return shipping and ensuring that the returned bedding arrives to us in new condition and in a timely manner. Please e-mail us immediately at matt@wool-bedding.com upon deciding to return your purchase.

How many days do I have to return a product?

You have 7 days from receipt of the shipment.

How long does it take for a refund to be issued?

Your refund will normally be refunded within one business day of us receiving an authorized return.

Are delivery charges refundable?

No. Delivery charges are not refundable.

Can I return an item that I bought online to the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill Store?

Yes it can be returned to our store as long as it meets the above listed return criteria and we are notified by e-mail of your intent to return your purchase to our store.


How do I send a gift?

We can ship to any eligible address that you would like and it can differ from your billing address.

Can I get my purchase gift-wrapped?

At this time we do not offer gift wrapping.

Care & Repair

How do I clean my comforter or mattress topper?

You have three good options for cleaning your wool bedding.

1. If your bedding is not soiled we recommend letting Mother Nature do the work for you. It's simple: Just put items that need freshening outside on a dry, sunny day. Give each item a good shake and hang it on a clothesline. Flip the bedding after a couple of hours to air out all sides, and bring them inside before the evening dew starts to settle. Sun will naturally deodorize, bleach, disinfect, and revitalize your bedding.

2. If you have stains or want more of a deep cleaning we recommend that you take advantage of our 129 plus years of knowledge in caring for wool bedding. Simply put your name, address, email & phone number on paper and place it with your comforter in a box. Write launder on the outside of the box and send the box to…

Frankenmuth Woolen Mill
C/O Launder Department
570 S. Main Street
Frankenmuth, MI 48734

We will professional hand clean and dry your comforter and return it to you in a new, breathable storage bag, normally within 2 to 4 weeks.

3. If you are more of a DIY person follow these steps to do your own cleaning.

  • Fill Bathtub (or laundry tub) with warm water & detergent.
  • Gently place your comforter in tub and SOAK ONLY.
  • Keep temperature even for wash and rinse.
  • Treat spot with color safe spot removers.
  • Does not twist, wring, or agitate.
  • Fabric softeners may be added to rinse water.
  • Drain water out- this should be done by gently pressing on the comforter/mattress topper.

Never use a washer or dryer; this includes the hand wash cycle. Remember that any agitation and or even a mild temperature change will shrink your wool comforter.

Do not dry clean.

To find out even more, click here for one of our blogs on bedding care.

Is there a warranty on my comforter?

We offer a one year warranty for defects in materials or workmanship on our comforters and mattress toppers. We will repair such defects free of charge during the warranty period but the customer assumes all shipping charges to and from our mill.

Can I go to the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill Store for repairs?

We will gladly perform any needed repairs at the customer's expense.