Our Process

Our commitment to quality products and great sleep starts with our wool. We scoured the country to find ranchers who not only treat their sheep humanely but also share in our passion for providing all-natural materials and products that are made in the USA.


Wool Sourcing

Our Climate Beneficial wool, when coupled with our Mill's century-old equipment, provides the layers of all-natural wool goodness that separates our bedding from more modern imitations on the market today.


Processed & Dry

Our process starts with the wool being cleaned with biodegradable soap and washed and rinsed with water fresh from the Great Lakes, namely neighboring Lake Huron. The wool is then air-dried.



The pristine wool is then transferred onto our classic carding machines that use steam and humidity in place of chemicals. From these rolling relics come the layers of soft, healthy wool that are now ready to serve as the fluffy filling of your new wool bedding.


Hand Tied

From the carding room, the wool is delivered upstairs to the Mill's finishing area. Here, the wool is hand-tied between layers of soft, Certified Organic cotton muslin. The Mill's professional finishers take great care to hand-place a tie approximately every nine inches. This ensures that the wool stays in place and that your comforter or mattress topper is truly one of a kind.



The edges of the wool bedding are then sewn and inspected before it is carefully folded and bagged to await prompt shipment to your home.

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