• Wool Mattress Pad or Wool Mattress Topper with Elastic Straps to Secure
  • Wool mattress topper or mattress pad folded on white background
  • Benefits of Wool

    Keeps you warm and cool

    From bitter cold to tropic heat, wool is a natural insulator and regulates your body temperature. ​The tiny pockets within the wool become the same temperature as your body temperature and allow air to breathe. This allows you the perfect night's sleep.

    Keeps you clean and healthy

    Sleep is the time that your body refreshes and rejuvenates itself so having the right bedding is key. Since the average adult spends just 6.5 hrs sleeping at night, the quality of such little sleep time is imperative.

    Frankenmuth Woolen Mill bedding is great for sufferers of fibromyalgia and arthritis because wool is a supportive bedding that distributes weight evenly. In addition, wool is a natural insulator, it eliminates hot and cold spots that cause restless sleep.

    Wool is naturally hypo-allergenic, thus it repels dust mites and wicks moisture for a more sound sleep.


    Wool is a 100% renewable resource. Each year sheep are sheared for their wool and it's a necessary part of ranching. Rest assured, the sheep that grow your wool are still happily grazing California meadows.

    Our Wool Sourcing & Processing

    ​Our commitment to quality and great sleep starts with our wool. We scoured the country to find ranchers who not only treat their sheep humanely but also share in our passion of providing materials and products that are made in the USA. 

    Once the wool arrives at the Mill, it is processed traditionally using our century-old machinery. It's hand washed in bathtubs using 180 degree water and dried for 3 - 5 days depending on the time of year. After the wool is dried it is taken to our carding room where it's combed and processed on one-hundred year old equipment using no chemicals or oils. 

    After the wool is processed it's taken to our finishing area where certified organic cotton fabric and wool is stretched over wooden frames and tied in old European fashion ~ being tied by hand. Tying holds the wool in place and keep the wool secure so the wool doesn't move around inside. After the Mattress Topper is tied the edges are sewn and elastic straps are placed in each corner. 

    On each step through the Mill there is great attention to detail so that each product we produce is delivered to our high standards. 




    Climate Beneficial Wool Filling
    Certified Organic Cotton Fabric Cover


    Handwash: Lukewarm water & mild detergent.
    Dry: LINE DRY ONLY. Do not agitate
    For best results or professional laundering return to the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill


    We accept unused and still in the original packaging bedding for 7 days from receipt of the shipment.

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Wool Mattress Pad or Wool Mattress Topper with Elastic Straps to Secure Wool mattress topper or mattress pad folded on white background

Wool Mattress Topper

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​Frankenmuth Woolen Mill Wool Mattress Topper is approximately 2.5 inches thick. Add this cozy wool layer to your mattress for additional cushion and to regulate your sleep. Our Mattress Topper is filled with Climate Beneficial wool and covered in 100% certified organic cotton fabric. Our Mattress Topper is hand-knotted about every nine inches, just enough to hold the wool in place. The Mattress Topper also has elastic straps to secure to all mattress profiles. Wool has naturally crimped fibers that provide an insulator for your body ensuring a deep, more restful, and allergy-free sleep.
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