How Do You Know You Really Got The Best Price?


When is a business’ best price really their best price? Is it when you see and ad that promises a “great sale” only to see an even lower price the following month?

Why should someone that buys a product on Cyber Monday get a better deal than someone who orders their product on June 1st? 

At the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill we work tirelessly to maintain our 124 years of quality while keeping our cost in check so that we can pass on the savings to our valued customers and offer our very best price everyday!

When you purchase our Made in the USA wool bedding at you can have confidence that you are getting our lowest price and not paying one cent more or less than anyone else.

Our company feels that making a quality product and offering it at an honest price is the smart way of doing business.

We hope we can earn your business and that you sleep well knowing you received our very best price on what we feel is the greatest value in bedding today.


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