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8 Months Since the Lockdown
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8 Months Since the Lockdown


The week of March 16th found the owners of the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill at a crossroads. Should they shut their doors temporarily as many businesses were doing in Michigan or keep their employees working as long as they felt they were able to earn their wage in a safe environment.

A decision was made to move forward with a fully paid "volunteer" crew who could opt for a leave of absence at any time. The team spent the week filling the storage shelves with wool bedding. This added to the already ample back stock and would keep the company able to fulfill internet orders in the face of a pending, mandatory shut down.

Friday night, March 20th, Frankenmuth Woolen Mill owners, Abby and Matt Curtis received a phone call from a friend asking if the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill had any scrap fabric that could be used for local citizens who were making masks. In short supply they would be made for area health care and first responder professionals.



This call triggered a campaign that would see groups and individuals from Mid-Michigan pick up thousands of yard of quality fabric. Normally used to cover the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill signature wool bedding it would now be crafted and sewn into over 35,000 masks.

Our team arrived on Monday, March 23rd ready for work but apprehensive about the rumors circulating of a mandatory shut down from the State of Michigan. At 11:00 am the rumors were confirmed when an order went out that all non-essential business would be forced to close at the end of the business day.

They staff were offered the chance to start their leave of absence immediately or spend their  last day cutting and bagging material for the hundreds of folks that requested fabric for masks. 

Just as the 1917 Frankenmuth Woolen Mill staff answered the call to duty by making over 66,000 wool socks for the WWI war effort the 2020 version rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

Instead of feeling sorry for their situation and scared for what a post Covid-19 America might look like the crew of historic Frankenmuth Woolen Mill faced adversity and uncertainty with a can do attitude. The went to work and filled over 400 of the total 800 bags that have been distributed during our Make Masks at Home campaign.

Our country is one that doesn't feel sorry for themselves but feels compassion for their fellow man and works to help them and the common good.

 Thank you to all who have helped and are sewing at home! Together we can and will get through this crisis.




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