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The Down Side of Down

The Down Side of Down


Welcome! This blog will serve as our way of sharing with our followers what’s new in the healthy bedding market and separating fact from fiction in the crazy, exciting world of wool!

For our first installment of what promises to be the most exciting blog to hit the pasture in years  we will take a look at the disgusting world of down.

Down is the soft layer of feathers closest to birds’ skin, primarily in the chest region. These feathers are highly valued by manufacturers of down clothing and comforters. Plucking these feathers causes geese and ducks considerable pain and distress. Typically, they are lifted by their necks or delicate wings, their legs are physically restrained or tied, and their feathers are ripped right out of their skin. Plucking may begin when the animals are just 10 weeks old and be repeated in six-week intervals until the birds are slaughtered for meat long before they would naturally die.

Pretty nasty stuff wouldn’t you say? This sad description of how down is harvested is a stark difference from the Climate Beneficial wool that makes up the filling of our signature Frankenmuth Woolen Mill bedding. 

We purchase our wool from certified Climate Beneficial ranchers. Because of this, we guarantee that the flock that provided the wool for your wool comforter or bedding today has a good chance of still grazing happily. Possibly even providing wool for your next bedding purchase years down the road. Climate Beneficial ranchers take pride in providing quality wool and respect for the land. Through them, we have a source of wool that is not only sustainable but more importantly to us, responsible.

Down with down! Down with down! Down with down!

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