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Understanding Wool: Batting, Filling, and Fluff
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Understanding Wool: Batting, Filling, and Fluff

When it comes wool filling, there are various forms of this versatile fiber, each suited for different applications.

Let’s explore the differences between wool batting, wool filling, and wool fluff, focusing on how each type is used and why they might be preferred in certain projects.

What is Wool Filling? 

Wool filling refers to loose, fluffy wool fibers that are not carded into sheets or rolls. This form of wool is primarily used for stuffing or padding. It’s lighter than batting and can be manipulated more easily to fill small spaces or contours. Wool filling is excellent for projects where a soft, plush feel is desired, such as our nursing pillows. 

Applications of Wool Filling:

Wool Filling
  • Nursing Pillows: Ideal for pillow stuffing as it adapts to shapes while offering firm support.
  • Toys: Filling for stuffed animals, providing a soft and cuddly texture.
  • Insulation: Used in some eco-friendly clothing and outdoor gear for lightweight warmth.


What is Wool Fluff?

Wool fluff is essentially the rawest form of carded wool, very airy and light, often used in needle felting and wet felting projects. It differs from batting and filling in that it’s not intended for structural or insulative purposes but rather for artistic and decorative applications. Wool fluff can be dyed in a wide range of colors and is valued for its ability to be shaped and molded into intricate designs.

Applications of Wool Fluff:

Wool Roving
  • Needle Felting: Creating three-dimensional sculptures and decorative items.
  • Wet Felting: Used to make jewelry, hats, and other wearable art.
  • Art and Decor: For crafting unique, textured artwork and home decor pieces.


What is Wool Batting?

Wool batting is a sheet or layer of wool fibers that are lightly interlocked, typically used in quilting and crafting. It’s often chosen for its thermal properties and breathability, making it a popular choice for cozy filling inside wool comforters. Batting creates pockets of wool that allows it to trap air, providing excellent insulation. Moreover, wool batting is durable and holds its shape well, which makes it perfect for comforters that require a bit of structure and resilience against wear and batting won’t move around inside a quilt or comforter when sewn or hand tied.

Applications of Wool Batting:

Wool Batting
  • Comforters: As the insulating layer between comforter top and backing.
  • Bed Pillows: Inside as both an insulator and provides firm support.
  • Home décor: For cushioning in upholstered furniture.
  • Apparel: In the lining of winter jackets for extra warmth.


Wool Carding Machine

Most carding machines that make batting are 24” – 36” wide. The Frankenmuth Woolen Mill carding machines are all wide enough to make a batt that can be stretched to 116” wide without having to piece or sew together. This gives our comforters more stability in that the wool doesn’t move around inside.


Which Wool Should You Choose?

The choice between wool batting, filling, and fluff depends largely on the specific needs of your project:

  • Choose wool batting if you need a stable, insulative material that can add warmth and volume.
  • Opt for wool filling if you're looking to stuff items where flexibility and softness are key.
  • Select wool fluff if your project involves felting or requires a moldable material that can be transformed into artistic shapes.

Wool's versatility makes it a favorite among crafters and artists alike. Whether it’s used for cozy wool bedding, stuffing a cherished toy, or sculpting a felted masterpiece, understanding the differences between wool batting, filling, and fluff can help you choose the right material for your project. Each form of wool brings its unique properties to the table, enhancing the creativity and functionality of your crafts.

If you're interested in purchasing Wool Batting we do sell it in our store. Call 989-652-6555 10am - 6pm EST for sizes and cost. 


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