When A Sign Is More Than A Sign

1903 Oldest Picture of Frankenmuth Woolen Mill Employees

According to Webster a sign is: a display (such as a lettered board or a configuration of neon tubing) used to identify or advertise a place of business or a product.

1923 outside Frankenmuth Woolen Mill
Outside of Frankenmuth Woolen Mill in 1923

As we designed new signs for our 124 year old Woolen Mill, we felt that Webster’s definition, while accurate, did not come close to conveying the pride we feel as the caretakers of one of the oldest Woolen Mills in the country.

1956 Outside of Frankenmuth Woolen Mill
Outside 1953 - Two days before trees were removed

How can a “lettered board or a configuration of neon tubing” convey 124 years of the hard work and dedication of workers spanning five generations?

1966 Outside   1966 Outside sign only
Outside in 1966 and now catering to the burgeoning tourist trade

Our task was to create not merely a sign, but a declaration that proclaims quality and craftsmanship. Something that has been a staple of the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill since the 1800’s.

1970s Outside of Frankenmuth Woolen Mill
Outside in the 1970s. The awning was bright orange!

1989 Outside of Frankenmuth Woolen Mill
Outside in 1989 ~ The new logo sheep no longer wears a bow! 

It is often said that to plan for the future you must study your past. Thank you for  joining us as we looked at Frankenmuth Woolen Mill signs of the past and look toward our future.

1993 Outside Frankenmuth Woolen Mill
In 1993 a large remodel was done to add a second story above the retail store
The signs aren't up yet but they have been placed in the windows and on the side of the building during construction

2018 Outside of Frankenmuth Woolen Mill           2018 Artist Rendering of Frankenmuth Woolen MIll
Seen here is the sidewalk sign of today and on the right, an artist rendering of the new sign in production now!

2018 Outside wall sign  2018 Artist rendering of the outside wall sign
The wall sign today and on the right an artist rendering of new sign and awning. Both are in production now.



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