You've Come Along Way Baby!

According to the 1912-1913 Department Of Labor - State of Michigan Thirtieth Annual Report the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill employed 8 females.


 At the time the average age for female factory employees in Saginaw County was 24.6 years and the average wage per week was $6.67.

Luella Burrton, Chief Woman Inspector for the State of Michigan asserted in her report to Michigan Governor, Woodbridge Ferris "the theory that girls,who have homes, work only for pin-money, appears to me to be a fallacy, since over 61 percent of the girls who live at home or with relatives, contributed all or a large part of their earnings to the support of the home."

Times have changed but the hard work and dedication to quality products remains the same. We are proud of our "girls" and appreciate their commitment to excellence that helps make the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill the leader in wool bedding.

So from the 1913 girls to the women of 2019 we say...







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  • God bless all who keep this wonderful industry prospering. I hold you in great respect and hope your footwear has gotten more comfortable in the last 100 years! Great job ladies ! Making us proud!

    Sue Givens

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