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How 3 Balls of Wool Can Change Your Laundry
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How 3 Balls of Wool Can Change Your Laundry

Wool dryer balls from the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill are processed, weighed, and hand rolled to perfection, like a wonderfully wooly pastry. Made from the same climate beneficial wool as our wool bedding, wool dryer balls are a natural alternative to dryer sheets. But what does that mean, exactly? How does the dryer ball work? Don’t let the unknown frighten you, and read on about how to get the most bang for your balls. 

Dryer sheets contain a waxy layer of fabric softener material meant to prevent wrinkles and freshen clothes, but in reality causes more harm than good. The wax melts off the dryer sheets and gets stuck in lint traps and dryer filters, creating hazardous buildup which can lead to clothing damage, longer dry times, and potentially fires. The buildup wrecks havoc on a dryer’s internal system, shortening its lifespan significantly. Flammable dangers aside, many dryer sheets contain harsh sulfates and chemicals that irritate skin, causing rashes, swelling, and allergic reactions with every single load. The chemicals seeping in can make actual items being dried scratchier and thinner, wearing them out well before their time. The single-use aspect creates a waste issue for the environment, not to mention a constant need to spend more and more money. 

Thus, the wool dryer ball was born. Naturally hypoallergenic, our wool contains no chemicals, additives, or irritants, making it ideal for loads for sensitive skin and everyday use alike. Wool dryer balls cut down on the time it takes to dry wet laundry, thanks to the absorbent felted wool collecting excess moisture during the dry cycle. Friction from the wool allows it to bounce items around easily, knocking out wrinkles and static while doing so. Unlike rubber or plastic dryer balls, wool spins quietly in the dryer without making a ruckus, and who doesn’t want more quiet? For an added refresher, add a couple drops of lavender or eucalyptus essential oil to each dryer ball before starting, and the heat releases the scent as the clothes are dried. Reusable up to 1,000 loads, our wool dryer balls save you money while preserving your clothes and dryer in the process!

All-natural, effective, and handmade in the USA, wool dryer balls from the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill are the smart choice for making an eco-friendly switch! 

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