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History of the Pillow
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History of the Pillow

Pillow is defined as “a cushioned form of bedding that supports the head and neck”. What did the original pillow look like? How far has today’s pillow come since then? Is one pillow truly superior to the other? Read on to find out how Frankenmuth Woolen Mill wool pillows stand up against pillows of yesteryear!


Scientists conclude pillows have been used since prehistoric times with various animals using their arms, tails, trunks, and more to support the head while sleeping. Those that had no support found it in leaves, branches, stones, or wood to lay their head upon. Domesticated animals, including humans, found comfort in softer, more cushioned materials, and thus the pillow we know today was born. 


From ancient Mesopotamia to Egypt to China to Europe, pillows were manufactured with different materials but the goal was always the same: comfort and support. Pillows were filled with wood, straw, hair, and more, depending on geographical regions as well as wealth status. 

Merino sheep, the same wool used at the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill, originated in Spain in the Middle Ages and were known for their fine, soft fibers. Part of a Spanish monopoly, sheep trade was strictly prohibited for centuries until boat travel sent our furry friends to Australia, Europe, and North America. Subsequently, merino wool was used in a wide variety of items including bedding, thanks to its new accessibility. Wool was cool in the summer, warm in the winter, provided amazing neck and back support, and never got moldy or sour like other pillow materials did, and its popularity skyrocketed for these very reasons. Wool bedding has been used in the United States for hundreds of years, and the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill has honed their craft in the wool pillow game. All natural, sustainable, and handmade in the USA. Are YOU ready for a better night’s sleep?

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